By the end of World War 1, there were a total of 15 Veterans groups and a number of regimental associations representing former service
                                                                                        members in Canada. Despite their common goal – to help returned servicemen in need – their efforts were fragmented and largely unsuccessful.
                                                                                        In 1925, an appeal for unity led to the formation of the Dominion Veterans Alliance. The Legion was founded in November of that year in Winnipeg,
                                                                                        Manitoba as The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League (BESL). It was incorporated by special Act of Parliament, Charter issued in
                                                                                        July 1926.  In 1960, “Royal”, with the Queens consent, was added to the title.​​​

                                                                                        Initially, the principal objectives of the Legion were to provide a strong voice for World War I Veterans and advise the government on Veterans’
                                                                                        issues. However, World War II brought an influx of new demands and the Legion increased efforts to help Veterans and returned service members,
                                                                                        as well as those serving abroad.

                                                                                        To this day, even with numerous changes over the years, including the adoption of our current name, The Royal Canadian Legion has never faltered
                                                                                         in our efforts to improve the lives of Veterans, ex-service members and their families. It has been our principal objective since day one, and we will
                                                                                         continue to work for it every day forward.

                                                                                                           Branch #23 in Lunenburg was formed in 1926 and consisted mainly of 1st. World War veterans,
                                                                                                           The first elected president of Branch 23 Lunenburg  was                 
                                                                                                                                              President Comrade Pitt Potter.

                                                                                        The original home of Branch #23 was known as “The Billy King Theatre”, which was destroyed by fire in 1957.  The present structure was built in 1959.
        President Comrade Gordon Hebb 

                                                                                        Was the president that seen the new construction of the legion as we know it today

                                                                                        For more than 90 years the Legion has held true to our mission.

                                                                                         We provide representation, advocacy and financial assistance to serving and retired Veterans and their families, free of  charge, Legion member
                                                                                        or not.  Through our advocacy efforts and Service Bureau Network across the country, we help Veterans including serving military and RCMP
                                                                                        members and their families, get the care, benefits and supports they need and deserve.

                                                                                        We honour the men and women who put their lives on the line for their country and work to ensure Canada never forgets.  The Legion organizes
                                                                                        commemorative programs to promote Remembrance. From Remembrance Day ceremonies, to the Poppy campaign, to youth education, to
                                                                                        pilgrimages, to local cenotaphs and commemorative activities, the Legion helps Canadians honour and Remember.

                                                                                        Legion members contribute countless volunteer hours, and fundraise millions of dollars each year for their communities.  Our members invest
                                                                                        resources, time and energy to provide essential services in their communities. We support seniors, youth, healthcare, low income families and
                                                                                         much more. We are very proud of our record of service to Canadians for more than 88 years.

Fact is, The Royal Canadian Legion continues to play a critical role in our society today.
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